2 Corinthians 5:21

For Him who knew no SIN, he made to be sin on our behalf; So that in him we might become the righteousness of GOD.

Appreciation to our well wishers

Praise unto our God in Christ……

We extend our gratitude to Mr Besigye Wise who donated 2,000,000UGX ($540.5 at an exchange rate of 3700UGX) which we used to buy one Amplifier at 1,190,000UGX, 4 microphone at 500,000UGX, one crossover at 220,000UGX, one equalizer at 250,000UGX, The church members who contributed for the extras on the above donations when buying the machine, one beam base speaker at 650,000UGX, cable wires and transport, we also extend our gratitude to Dr Pastor Tumwesigye Emma who donated a video camera which worthy 2m+

Because of these donations and contributions, we have managed to set up a good sound system for our congregation, and we are helped to discover and raise more talents in music and playing instraments.

Note, the donation was received on 21/Dec/2018 and the machines were bought on 23/Dec/2018

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sorry for the delay