2 Corinthians 5:21

For Him who knew no SIN, he made to be sin on our behalf; So that in him we might become the righteousness of GOD.

Partner with us

In all relationships there is a need to work with or coordinate with others. So in this way we welcome every individual in Christ who can be able to partner with us in ministry and outreach.

Expansion and being able to work in other communities entails people to work with in different areas. If an individual is aware of everything that happens in the community, it helps to have someone to welcome you. Introduces us and makes it easy to coordinate in case of anything because of the basic knowledge of the community and place whatsoever.

We minister in different ways through seminars for all age groups, crusades, constructional work, and community developmental programs. All this work requires different skills and personnel to work towards its success with all skills and knowledge having a role to play without any limitation due to diversity of the activities. Therefore a partner can be spiritual through evangelism or work with us in other activities and projects of the church. This brings forth no limitation what so ever

Anyone can be a partner, everybody can play a role and we welcome partners in all areas at Righteous Palace Ministries.

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