Love people love God

To all Members and well wishers”LOVE PEOPLE LOVE GOD” is our motto from now on wards


If you can not trust in the Lord on the personal level after two years in the Church, you may fail to trust HIM
And our advise for you, is to look for a Church based on teaching the true word and ways of God so that you understand the GOD you’re serving/you have.

How to know a Church based on truth?

Praise God to you all believers, we want to inform you that starting with next week, we shall be teaching you on how to a church which in not falsely based, we mean a Church laid on the foundation which Christ laid.
We shall be happy to have you following us.
Yours in Service
Musoni Juliet

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We take this opportunity to welcome you to our Annual Church Anniversary due to take place on 8th October 2017 from 12:00noon to 7:00PM
Don’t miss the word of God, shalom Chilren choirs, Drama and so much more.
your presence will make the function so colourful.
RPM management.