2 Corinthians 5:21

For Him who knew no SIN, he made to be sin on our behalf; So that in him we might become the righteousness of GOD.


We are a church that focuses on spreading the gospel to the community and in the entire country at large.  “Righteousness Palace” this name portrays the dependence of our ministry on the foundation of Righteousness and its practices brought about by believing in Christ Jesus and passing on the same message to all men. Isaiah 59:1-2, Roman 10:3-15, 2 Corinthians 5:21 thus the name Righteousness Palace Ministries.

The Righteousness Palace Ministries (RPM) started in 2006 by our leader- Apostle Musoni Juliet. Our ministry leadership is composed of two deacons, one pastor, one apostle, two elders, ushers and choir members.

We are an open Church. We welcome every individual or person to our church to pray, worship and minister to nations with us. We also welcome everyone not segregating on their religious affiliation because it is the basis of our foundation as a church and we believe that Salvation is through the Grace of God.

As a church we uphold the word, through the ministry of Jesus Christ following all the teachings of the Bible which is our main focus, ‘the bread of life’

As a foundation of the church we read the Bible, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, sanctify through baptism of the Holy Ghost at one’s own will, divine healing through the power of the holy spirit that reigns through Jesus Christ, matrimony, offering, fasting, night prayers.

We also have Bible study; counseling and follow up on church members through communication and keep in touch as well. Through all this there is great advancement in the church and improved awareness of the word strengthening the believers in faith.

We teach the word and believe that the character of an individual reflects their morals as a born again christian and they can be able to influence others both in the church and community at large.

Through our values, we empower people both spiritually through Bible study and discipleship classes and socially through focusing on talent development thus equipping a person to be whole.